What's new at PTS? | September 2023 Edition

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What's New at PTS September 2023

What’s New at PTS? September 2023

Hello Hello Hello,

September has been super special for us at PTS as we completed 10 incredible years this month. Filled with nothing but gratitude for the journey we’ve had so far. So thankful to our exceptional team, customers, and investors without you this wouldn’t have been possible. ❤️️


But that’s not all that happened. And as we welcome October, let’s have a look at what went down at PTS last month.

🌿🌞 Epic Office Escape!

| Nature, Fun, and Team-Building: Our Epic Day Out of the Office!

Grab your coffee and brace yourselves for an exciting story. Picture this – the most amazing day out of the office, ever! Yup, you read that right, EPIC!


And, of course, epic days deserve epic food! BBQ and campfire stories ended our adventure, providing a perfect setting for casual conversations and team bonding. Stay tuned for the full story of our unforgettable day! 😄☕🌄

⚙️ Code and Confection: PTS Engineer’s Day Celebration

| A Sweet Treat for Our IT Engineers

We celebrated Engineering Day with our amazing IT Engineers. The highlight? We enjoyed delicious cake together, making it a sweet and memorable day filled with camaraderie and appreciation for their hard work and innovation.

Our IT wizards are the backbone of PTS, continuously working behind the scenes to keep our technology running smoothly. This celebration was a small token of our gratitude for their dedication and innovative spirit. Cheers to our tech wizards! 🍰🎉

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration at PTS: Uniting in Joy🌺

| Origami Challenge, Candid Moments, and Office Prayers - A Vibrant Day of Unity and Prosperity

Ganesh Chaturthi at PTS is a time of pure delight. The office atmosphere is charged with positivity and camaraderie as we come together to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

The Origami Challenge added a creative twist to the festivities as we folded and unfolded paper into beautiful shapes, symbolizing the spirit of creativity and unity within our team. It was a testament to how something as simple as paper folding can bring people together in joy.


Behind the scenes, we captured candid moments during fun-filled games, freezing moments of laughter and togetherness in time. These snapshots will serve as cherished memories of the bonds we share.

It’s a time when prosperity and smiles flourish, creating lasting memories of togetherness. The Ganesh Chaturthi celebration not only unites us in joy but also reminds us of the importance of unity and positivity in the workplace. 🐘🎉

Inshort, September 2023 was a month filled with celebration, bonding, and appreciation at PTS. As we embark on the journey into October, we carry with us the memories of our epic office escape, the sweetness of Engineer’s Day, and the vibrant spirit of Ganesh Chaturthi. These moments remind us of the strength of our team and the importance of unity, creativity, and gratitude in our workplace. Here’s to many more years of growth and success at PTS Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.! 🎉❤️️

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