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SAP Business
Value Assessment

Maximize the Full Potential of Your SAP Investment with our SAP Business Value Assessment Approach

Are you looking to derive the maximum value from your SAP investment and align it with your company’s strategic objectives for enhanced profitability? At PTS Systems & Solutions, through our SAP Business Value Assessment, we understand that many organizations invest considerable time and resources in selecting, planning, and implementing their SAP ERP solution, yet often utilize less than 50% of its capabilities.


SAP Business Value Assessment - Project Assessment Approach

Assess Current State

Define Future State

Improve Your Bottom Line

Introducing our SAP Business Value Assessment (BVA) service, a cornerstone of our SAP consulting expertise. We’ve developed a streamlined and comprehensive approach to evaluate the extent to which your organization is harnessing the full potential of your SAP solution. Our BVA process, tailored to your unique circumstances, industry, and departments utilizing SAP, includes the following key components:

SAP Business Value Multi-discipline

Multi-Discipline Review:

We conduct a thorough examination of your SAP solution, applying industry best practices and methodologies.


We tailor our assessment to align with your specific requirements, ensuring that your SAP solution supports your organization’s goals effectively.

We offer in SAP Business Value Assessment Customization Solution Approach
We offer a SAP Business Value Assessment Approach, providing profitability recommendations.

Profitability Recommendations

Our experts provide strategic recommendations for enhancing your profitability through the optimized utilization of SAP.

Proven SAP Business Value Assessment Methodology

PTS Systems & Solutions’ SAP BVA methodology is carried out by our highly skilled Value Assessment Team, equipped with extensive experience in various industries, business processes, and SAP expertise. Our BVA workshop offers an efficient and structured approach to assess your alignment with realizing the full benefits and return on investment from your SAP deployment.

We facilitate a multidisciplinary review of your SAP solution, implementing best practices that bridge the gap between front-end operations and back-end efficiency, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

SAP Business Value Assessment bva methodology


Enabling Technologies


Key Steps to Success

The PTS Business Value Assessment aims to provide a detailed examination of your SAP utilization across departments, with a focus on:

Step 1 -
Information Gathering
We offer complete System Information in SAP Value Assessment

We collaborate with your business process owners to collect insights into how your SAP software is currently utilized at the operational level.

Step 2 -
Identify Opportunities
In SAP Value Assessment, we help customers identify opportunities.

We pinpoint opportunities to expand the use of your SAP software, with a clear emphasis on enhancing your bottom-line performance.

Step 3 -
Cost Benefit Analysis
In SAP Value Assessment, we assist customers in conducting cost-benefit analyses.

Our team conducts a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis, complete with a well-defined project charter that includes a 3 to 5-year cash flow analysis.

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