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Intelligent Business
Transformation as a Services

RISE with SAP is SAP’s integrated Business solution allowing businesses too swiftly and easily transition to an intelligent Suite with S/4HANA serving as the intelligent Suite’s core enabler. In the cloud, RISE with SAP is the solution for becoming an intelligent, sustainable enterprise. Offering solutions including SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Business Process7 Intelligence, cloud-based analytics and industry-next practices. Provided by SAP and its partners as part of a guided journey and outcome-driven approach.

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Regardless of where your organization is today or where you want it to go, RISE with SAP combines the technologies and services you need for meaningful business transformation into a single package. SAP and PTS are assisting you in mapping out your transition according to your terms and timetable.

PTS Business Platform for RISE with SAP combines the company’s top offerings in business transformation, cloud computing, and service transformation. Improve your business operations by reducing your time to value and accelerating time to market.

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Business Transformation as a service

Discover the Value of RISE with SAP

Transformation of businesses

The PTS business platform for RISE with SAP transforms businesses, including their entire ecosystem, allowing for flexible scalability and fewer supply chain failures. PTS offers pre-configured business solutions that are ready to be deployed for the manufacturing, CPG, utilities, public sector, and other industries. These business solutions significantly shorten the time it takes you to realize value.

SAP Business Process Intelligence

  • Discover opportunities for transformation through process discovery reports
  • Utilize automation and innovation benchmarks to continuously monitor and improve business processes
  • Measure your business processes


Deployment of Choice - Public Cloud or Private Cloud

Cloud Transformation:

Customers migrating to SAP S/4HANA originate from a variety of industries and have varying business goals. Companies with a large number of complex systems on-premises want more adaptability and innovation while lowering their overall total cost of ownership. RISE with SAP is tailored to meet the needs of specific customers. It’s the cloud and SAP S/4HANA concierge service that offers everything you need to transform your business in the method that works best for you – no matter where you start.

PTS Business Platform for RISE with SAP offers cloud-based dynamic business scalability. The PTS One Cloud base offers secure and safe RISE migration. PTS guarantees clients a business-driven, outcome-based, future-state architecture with cost savings.

SAP S/4HANA Deployment of Choice for the Public Cloud

  •  The full benefits of public cloud with a modern, fully integrated SaaS ERP solution
  •  Is the fastest way to innovate and the cheapest to operate
  • An ERP solution built on cloud technology without converting old legacy processes and configurations
  •  Thereby reengineering business processes and utilizing standardized best practices

SAP S/4HANA Deployment of Choice for the Private Cloud

  •  Converting their SAP ERP/ECC environments to a modern, Cloud-based architecture
  •  That offers full Enterprise Management scope as a subscription and low total cost of ownership
  •  Permanent license purchase option
  •  Flexible SaaS landscape
  • Comprehensive ERP functionality with partner add-ons that can be extended and enhanced

SAP Business Technology

Platform Services

Service Transformation:

Simplified administration and migration are offered by PTS Business Platform for RISE with SAP. Lowering TCO and streamlining the business model. Best-in-class user experiences and operational change management are delivered through the integration of App Dynamics and Service Now solutions.

The SAP Business Technology Platform provides a wide range of features to hasten your transition to SAP S/4HANA. The RISE with SAP package includes consumption credits for SAP BTP, allowing you to swiftly extend and automate your business processes in a production setting while also building key connectors.

Ensure seamless end-to-end processes and customer experiences

Ensure seamless end-to-end processes and customer experiences

Automate and extend processes for rapid innovation

Automate and extend processes for rapid innovation

Real-time insights from all data to drive confident decisions

Real-time insights from all data to drive confident decisions

SAP Business Network Starter Pack

Connecting your S/4 Hana system to the SAP Business Network

Connecting your S/4 HANA system to the SAP Business Network

  • Configuration of pre-defined procure-to-pay documents for transactions made over the Ariba Network, including purchase orders, order confirmations, shipping notifications, goods receipts, and invoices
  • Integration of S/4 HANA, SAP Transportation Management, and Logistics Business Network to set up the freight collaboration process
  • Integration of the Asset Intelligence Network with S/4 HANA to share asset data with your equipment manufacturers

Support with transacting with your trading partners via SAP Business Network

  • The PTS SAP Network Services Team assists you in choosing the appropriate vendors for the Starter Pack scope.
  • We offer a communications pack based on best practices that you can distribute to your business contacts.
  • We offer direction and instruction on how to successfully onboard trading partners to conduct business through the PTS SAP Business Network.
Supporting with transacting with your trading partners via SAP Business Network
Sustainable Business Operations

Sustainable Business Operations

We incorporate sustainability as part of the PTS Business Platform for RISE with SAP with our Sustainability Life Cycle Management (SLCM) for SAP solutions. These provide green outcomes through every process, including waste management, procurement, production, and governance. The PTS solutions manage, monitor, and measure each phase of the compliance enforcement process.

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