SAP SuccessFactors Benefits: Enhancing Business Efficiency

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SAP Success Factors and its Benefits

No matter the industry, automation and cloud technology is becoming an integral part of businesses. Even the ones that were reluctant to abandon the traditional methods, are now taken by the idea and the many benefits of Cloud-based solutions. The best part is that there are multiple ways to leverage this technology. One of them being: SAP SuccessFactors Benefits, the ultimate tool to augment HR Operations without any hassle!

In technical terms – SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based product that provides solutions to efficiently manage multiple HR functions like performance, business alignment, recruitment, and productivity enhancement activities for firms belonging to various industries across the globe. Based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, it helps bring in better results overall.

SAP SuccessFactors implementation between On-premise and Cloud environment:

1. SAP ERP System: This one allows users to run all their business processes (sales, accounting, production, human resources, and finance) in one environment.

2. SAP Process Integration (PI): This one helps you to process easy integration between SAP and non-SAP applications.

With this technology at their disposal, businesses are on the brink of being revolutionized. But, where did it all truly begin? Let’s take a look-

History of SAP SuccessFactors

Lars Dalgaard founded SuccessFactors in 2001. In November 2007, the company became public on the NASDAQ global market under the stock symbol SFSF. Then, it was acquired by SAP and it became SAP SuccessFactors in 2011.

Within a span of 2 years, SAP SuccessFactors became a significant part of the SAP online Cloud Platform. In December 2013, SuccessFactors had more than 600 customers with 11.5 million users. The company soon started offering enviable features; let’s explore some-

Key Features of SAP SuccessFactors

  • Total workforce management
  • Attendance management
  • Ideal global solution
  • Comprehensive HCM suite
  • Effective recruitment HR transactions
  • Compliance and auditing integration
  • Easy management of time off
  • Payroll timesheets reporting
  • Performing of queries at scheduled times

SAP SuccessFactors Global Benefits

This cloud-based solution comes with a treasure trove of benefits. First and foremost, it helps the firms to increase workforce productivity. It also offers performance management, and allows you to create a policy which includes learning management solutions. Here are some other primary benefits:

Easy to Use: As they say, the consumer is king. Any innovation that is too tough to implement faces challenges when it comes to gaining a solid fan base. The web portal of SAP SuccessFactors applications is designed to be incredibly user-friendly.

Cost-effective: Based on the SAAS model, SAP SuccessFactors allows the customer to pay as per their usage. A multi-tenancy approach is followed; each customer is a tenant. The new releases happen on a regular basis, and they are available to all of the customers instantly.

Collaboration: The JAM feature allows easy collaboration internally. Also, it has seamless integration with social networking sites.

Mobile Integration: It has seamless integration with all the mobile / PDA devices. This gives easy access to the business applications of it.

Improved Flexibility: SAP SuccessFactors provides end-to-end recruiting solutions. It offers scalability and allows unlimited extensibility.

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