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SAP HANA (High-performance ANalytic Appliance) is an on-premise or cloud-based in-memory storage application deployable as an on-premise appliance. It is a ground-breaking framework that is ideally suited for real-time analytics performance and real-time application creation and deployment. The SAP HANA database, which is radically different from any other database engine on the market today, is at the heart of this real-time data platform.

Why Choose SAP HANA?

SAP HANA products are well-suited if businesses have to go deep inside their data sets to ask complicated and interactive questions and have to go large at the same time (which means dealing with massive data sets that are of different types and from different sources). 

There is a growing need for this knowledge to be current and ideally, in real-time. Add to that the need for great speed (very fast response time and real interactivity) and the need to do all this without any prefabricated elements (no preparation of data, no pre-aggregates, no-tuning) and you have a specific mix of requirements that can be effectively handled by just SAP HANA partners. SAP HANA is in its elements when this set of needs or any subset thereof has to be resolved (in any combination).

SAP HANA On-premises vs Cloud Architecture

Architecture Feature

SAP HANA On-premise




Physical hardware on-site

Cloud-based infrastructure



Manual installation and setup by IT staff

Quick and easy deployment through the SAP Cloud Platform



Dedicated storage devices for data and backups

Data and backups stored on cloud-based storage devices



On-premise network setup required

Cloud-based network setup provided by SAP



On-premise servers with specific hardware requirements

Cloud-based virtual machines with flexible hardware options



IT staff responsible for maintenance and upgrades

SAP manages maintenance and upgrades



Limited scalability based on available hardware

Scalable based on demand, with automatic scaling provided by SAP



IT staff responsible for security and compliance

SAP provides security and compliance measures



Higher upfront cost for hardware and IT infrastructure

Lower upfront cost, with a pay-as-you-go model based on usage



Limited flexibility for adjusting hardware and infrastructure

Greater flexibility for adjusting resources based on demand 

Key Benefits of SAP HANA Platform

High Speed

SAP HANA offers developers the chance to create highly scalable, impactful applications that leverage the SAP HANA platform’s massive speed.

Massive Scale

It scales from small servers to large clusters using both scale-up and scale-out approaches. Scale-up involves increasing the RAM on one physical computer, while scale-out involves merging multiple computers into one system, Surpassing server limitations.

Business in Real-Time

To simplify IT landscapes, removing data processing, pre-aggregation, and tuning, SAP HANA removes conventional database barriers. Massive volumes of structured and unstructured data, including text data, can be accessed instantly from various sources.

Absolute Efficiency

A simulation of efficient customer data with a 100 million-line financial accounting data collection was run by a SAP technology development team. Outcome? The overall data footprint was reduced by a factor of 37.

Reduced cost

As customers move to SAP Business Warehouse in year one and SAP ERP in year two, and then start using the SAP HANA platform for custom application development in year three, Forrester estimated 37 percent cost savings over four years.


SAP HANA platform is an open source running thousands of hardware third-party apps from nine industry-leading partners. On three continents, its cloud offerings are provided by external hosting and management partners


SAP HANA platform is an open source running thousands of third-party hardware apps from nine industry-leading partners. On three continents, its cloud offerings are provided by external hosting and management partners.

Empower Your Business with Data Insights


SAP HANA is a powerful platform for Big Data analytics, designed to load and analyze various types of data quickly. For a full view of the enterprise, even non-traditional unstructured sources can be plugged with SAP HANA.

Speed to Decision

SAP HANA is available on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid setting. Its cloud services range from simple, entry-level instances to cloud-managed enterprise-class deals suitable for running ERP and business-critical applications.

Database Migration

Smooth Migration to modernize your data foundation

Migration from Microsoft SQL to SAP HANA

SQL has been the primary database language for many years, but with the rise of big data and advanced analytics, many organizations are turning to SAP HANA as a faster and more efficient way to manage their data. Migrating from SQL to SAP HANA can bring several benefits, including:

Faster data processing: SAP HANA uses in-memory computing, which allows for faster processing of data and quicker insights.

Improved analytics capabilities: SAP HANA offers advanced analytics capabilities that enable organizations to gain deeper insights from their data.

Simplified data management: SAP HANA simplifies data management by allowing organizations to store and analyze their data in one place.

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Migration from SAP HANA on-premise to the SAP HANA cloud

As organizations increasingly move their IT infrastructure to the cloud, many are also considering moving their SAP HANA systems to the cloud. The benefits of migrating from SAP HANA on-premise to the cloud include:

Scalability: The cloud offers scalability and flexibility, allowing organizations to easily scale up or down their resources as needed.

Cost savings: By moving to the cloud, organizations can often reduce their infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Improved accessibility: The cloud allows for greater accessibility and collaboration, as employees can access the SAP HANA system from anywhere with an internet connection.

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