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Top Tips to Choose the Best SAP Support Service Partner

SAP (Systems, Applications, Products) has become a prominent ERP software in the world of technology. As per the latest statistics, 92% of the Forbes companies and 80% of SMEs are using SAP. But these companies are on a constant hunt for the ideal SAP Partner. Because this SAP Partner helps them boost the quality of SAP services, reduce IT operational costs and save their precious time that can be used to focus on their core business functions. But, handing over the SAP system to a third-party support and maintenance provider, is a huge decision. And that’s why we are here to guide you on how to choose the Best SAP Support Service Partner in India. But before we move any further, let’s understand SAP first.

Importance of SAP for Business

Having flexible software is the need of the hour as a requirement for various modules varies per business. And that’s where SAP customized modules come in handy. It also helps maintain seamless communication between different departments for information sharing and data exchange. This allows all departments to stay well-connected & updated. 

Most importantly, if you have SAP by your side, there is no need for multiple platforms. SAP is multifaceted and a forerunner in integrating every process through its various softwares. Thus, keeping a check on your budget as well.

 Now that you know the importance of SAP business, let’s look at how to choose the best SAP Partner.

  • Identify the provider that fits the bill

Ensure that the SAP support partner is equipped with services that complement your business. Some SAP solution partners provide support for integrations while some for enhancements, so it is imperative to check whether they have the right capabilities. You also need to confirm that the SAP partner has a dedicated team of experts to cater to your prerequisites. 

  • Assessment of flexibility

Every business is unique and so are its requirements. You must choose a SAP Partner that offers customizations based on your business goals. They should be capable enough to create & execute a plan that will bring in apt ROI for your investment. All-in-all, they should offer the freedom to pay only for the services that you need!

  • SAP accreditation

SAP is an intricate software that requires immense technical knowledge. So, it is imperative to choose a certified SAP partner who has the competence to handle your business. Ensure that the SAP certificate is authentic, and the staff is qualified and equipped with the latest skill sets. Most importantly, choose SAP Partner that hold accreditation of SAP Partner Center of Expertise. Because this certificate guarantees that the chosen SAP Partner is capable and committed to providing first-class services to their customers.

  • Success Ratio of the SAP Partner

Many SAP Partners boast about their expertise but do not have case studies or customer testimonials to showcase. So, look for SAP Partners who have a highly successful track record in providing ERP solutions to clients from diverse industries. Go through their testimonials to ascertain credibility. With this, you will get a count of organizations where the SAP partners have undertaken implementation. If you find referrals, enquire and know all about the working culture. These are some of the pointers you must keep in mind while choosing SAP implementation companies in India. And if you are looking for the most capable SAP partner then you have come to the right place.

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