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About SAP Business One Web CRM

Qualification, pursuit, and quantification of closed possibilities.

The SAP Business One Web CRM helps you to manage your relationship with all prospects, clients, suppliers, trading partners, and other business partners effectively. This enables you to turn more possibilities into leads, manage all of your contacts related to sales, access detailed sales details whenever needed, and manage customer satisfaction.

From monitoring leads to handling purchase orders and customer data to managing after-sales service, SAP Business One CRM helps the company simplify and streamline the entire sales process. You can generate quotes, enter orders, conduct real-time availability tests across all your warehouses, and process deliveries with the SAP Business One CRM sales and opportunity management tools. With relevant details including lead source, potential competition, deal size, and sales stage, you can document new sales opportunities. You can sync your assignments, contacts, and opportunities between SAP Business One and Microsoft Outlook with SAP Business One Web CRM while gaining immediate access to customer data snapshots from your account.

Key Benefits of CRM Integration with SAP Business One

For your clients, resellers, and channel partners, easily manage master data, profiles, correspondence summaries, account balances, and overview of the sales pipeline.

  • Manage the entire sales process through various sales phases.
  • Track sales opportunities and events, evaluate their performance, estimate future revenue.
  • Use dashboards and sales reports to track and analyze prospective customers.
  • Provide your team with safe online access to customer data wherever they may be.
  • Track sales opportunities and events, evaluate their performance, estimate future revenue.
  • Provide your customers with a web-based interface to log queries and monitor order status, all in real-time integration with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Import customer data into your Outlook contacts list from your ERP device.
  • Synchronize events and tasks of your calendar with your schedule in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Enable your customer care and support team to manage multiple monitoring operations.
  • This covers customer warranty, service contracts, service calls management, and all activities of customer engagement.
  • Data that is precise, detailed, and consistent.
  • Streamlined and reliable customer-facing procedures.
  • Better accessibility of information and performance.
  • Better experience and thus retention of clients.
  • Better experience and thus retention of clients.