About Supply Network Collaboration

Improve cooperation and efficiency with suppliers to respond to consumer demands.


Improve the accuracy and pace of your supply chain and offer visibility to global inventory, supply, and demand, reducing the need for large inventory reserves while increasing inventory turnover and reducing administrative costs.

Ease of Operations

Enables higher levels of customer support, lowering costs by eliminating the need for manual re-entry of data, enabling better data quality and data consolidation into one framework.

All-in-One Solution

Reduces operating costs by facilitating faster cash cycle ordering and encouraging exception-based engagement, supplements organized collaboration with unstructured information and allows all supply chain stakeholders to integrate different processes into a single frontend.

Supplier Collaboration
  • Purchase Order Collaboration
  • Release Processing
  • Web-based Kanban
  • Supplier Managed Inventory
  • Delivery Control Monitor
  • Dynamic Replenishment
Customer Collaboration
  • Demand Forecast Collaboration
  • Responsive Replenishment
  • Min/Max Replenishment
  • Rapid Deployment Solution