About Student Life Cycle Management

An excellent way of handling schools, colleges, and organizations systematically. The SAP Higher Education & Research solution's Student Lifecycle Management component enables cost-effective higher ed management. This Student Lifecycle Management system provides features that support some of the core processes of universities, such as planning academic offerings, managing and administering students and their study data in the Student File, and overseeing fees and grants in the student account.


Obtain exceptional training from wherever you are. SLCM provides a forum for collaboration online in real-time.


When it matters the most, interact with your resources. Multi-mode communication tools are provided by SLCM.


SLCM is designed to work at a high level of safety that can be configured to suit your requirements.


From the ground up, our user interface is built to involve learners, teachers, and parents. More involvement contributes to more loyalty.

Unique Academic Backup

SLCM remains ideal for providing additional customization support that allows data to be updated regularly and retains historical data.

Customizable Reports

SLCM offers the freedom to create graphs from the data on the run and manual reports.

Explore Core Modules


  • Establish multiple schools
  • Access to Multi-Level Users
  • Defining school features
  • Top Level Hierarchy Management


  • Build courses and edit them
  • Assign layout of courses
  • Defines laboratories and electives
  • Manage courses which are archived


  • Attribute students to the batch
  • Control of batch transfers
  • Levels of Grouping and Rating
  • Configuring active and idle lots


  • Management of admissions
  • Allocate Initial Batch
  • Manage info for archived students
  • Assign login information for students


  • Batch-wise timetable formation and editing
  • Build and edit a timetable for teachers
  • Build and edit a schedule for the institute
  • Assignment of Timesheet


  • Add batch-wise daily attendance
  • Assign initial batch
  • Manage archived students’ details
  • Assign student login details


  • Build custom exams online
  • Multiple range and descriptive choices
  • Effect of Parent Profile Warnings
  • Assign re-test if applicable

Explore Premium Modules


  • Add books
  • Issue books
  • Return register
  • Book transfer

Online Resources

  • Attendance alerts to parents
  • Results and exam notifications
  • Timetable assignment
  • Syllabus and eBooks facility


  • Add vehicles
  • Track routes
  • Alerting system
  • Onboarding alerts to parents


  • Employee payroll management
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Teacher’s timetable
  • Exam activities

Key Benefits of Student Lifecycle Management System

  • Improves student retention and performances.
  • Budget management is improved at both the departmental and university levels.
  • Improves the ranking and ratings.
  • Builds superior intellectual property management and analytics.
  • Elevates the research standard, quality, and safety.
  • Increases endowment funds and revenues.
  • Boosts employee productivity and streamlines HR procedures.