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Transforming Logistics Operations: VTC 3PL's Success with SAP Business One

The transformative journey of VTC3PL, a seasoned logistics company based in Pune, Maharashtra. With over three decades of experience, VTC 3PL delivers comprehensive transportation, warehousing, logistics, and supply chain planning services, with a strong focus on serving the rural and semi-urban markets of India. Boasting a fleet of 150 trucks, a vast virtual transportation network, and state-of-the-art IT systems, VTC3PL is a key player in the logistics landscape.

Key Transformations:

VTC 3PL tackled logistical challenges head-on by partnering with PTS Systems & Solutions to implement SAP Business One. The results were transformative, leading to streamlined inventory, production, and delivery processes. This initiative significantly boosted operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Director Vishal Ambadkar highlights the pivotal role played by SAP Business One in making VTC 3PL more competitive and poised for growth.

How it Happened

Discover the strategic decisions and implementation process that propelled VTC3PL towards success with SAP Business One. Overcoming challenges in inventory management, production scheduling, delivery monitoring, and overall supply chain management, VTC strategically utilized the ERP solution to foster a more efficient and integrated operational environment. Gain insights into the decision-making process that shaped VTC 3PL’s logistics and supply chain strategy.

VTC 3PL's Case Study

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