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About SAP Business Objects

The Business Intelligence ( BI) platform of SAP BusinessObjects is a versatile and scalable information system built to help you discover and exchange insights for better business decisions more easily.

You need solutions in today’s uncertain economy that can provide the knowledge you need to understand and use the data to make informed decisions. You need features that can streamline your business processes and help you handle your business at the same time, for you to concentrate on sustainable development.

Key Benefits of SAP Business Objects Platform

  • Standard kit for SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, which can include enterprise and ad hoc reporting as well as world-class visualization.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, a data integration version that can integrate data from various sources; easily populate a data warehouse; and exploit ad hoc, advanced, and drill-down analysis.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, a data management version that can allow data parsing, cleansing, and synchronization of addresses.

For mid-size businesses that want to optimize business processes, find new markets, and gain a competitive advantage, SAP BusinessObjects Edge Business Intelligence ( BI) is a good business intelligence option. From flexible ad hoc reporting and analysis to dashboards and visualization, to efficient data integration and consistency, as well as pre-packaged data solutions, this robust, scalable midmarket software offers solutions that meet every business intelligence requirement. SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI brings together the simplicity and pace of search with BI’s faith and analytical ability to provide your business questions with immediate answers. To find information concealed in data sources, users can use familiar keyword searches, then browse and explore data directly without the need for existing reports or metrics.

Your end-users benefit from easy-to-use search capabilities through the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer pre-packaging that will allow them to do the following:

  • Using an exploration panel to enter a few search keywords and display and explore the results.
  • For optimal results, auto-generate charts.
  • Share results via e-mail and other familiar formats.

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, the standard bundle, is supported by our enterprise intelligence platform and provides you with the latest technology developments and a linked, interactive, and transparent business intelligence solution. And that means that as the big guys do with a degree of investment appropriate to the size of your enterprise, you can exploit the same insight into your business data. You can use the industry standard for operational and financial reporting, as well as ad hoc reporting capabilities and world-class visualization technology with SAP BusinessObjects Edge, the standard kit, to allow every business consumer inside your company to make informed decisions.

With data integration, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI is also available. With this update, you can take advantage of all the features of the standard package SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, plus features that enable you to integrate data from multiple sources; populate a data warehouse quickly; and exploit ad hoc, advanced, and drill-down research.

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI also provides a data management version that incorporates all the features of SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, standard package, and SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, data integration version, and introduces powerful data parsing, cleansing, and address synchronization functionality inside the data integration setting. You can benefit from pre-packaged data quality features that can be easily deployed, allowing you to ensure data quality during the process of data integration. Outcome? Your users gain greater faith in data reliability and can make more educated choices.