Innovate, inspire & connect with SAP ERP Solution

PTS Systems & Solutions believes in bridging the gap between people and technology by offering SAP ERP solution.

Connect to be inspired, and connect to be innovative.

Technological innovations, whether self-generated or initiated by someone outside the firm, are critical to the growth of many businesses. Coming up with a better idea or method, or incorporating a new approach within a Business model, is what innovation is all about. The creation of customer value through SAP ERP solution that meet new, undefined, or existing market needs creatively is referred to as innovation. New or more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are more widely available to markets, governments, and society may be considered Business solutions. To encourage innovation, changes must be made; nothing will change if you do not accept the changes; to evolve and grow, one must inspire, innovate, and connect; whether for an organisation or an individual, innovation is the primary criterion to be achieved.

With brand new cloud technologies and major transformations in corporate processes, the present IT landscape is moving at a faster pace. With years of SAP experience and unrivaled knowledge, PTS Systems & Solutions delivers SAP Cloud solutions to you. That background serves as the company’s foundation, enabling us to assist businesses of all sizes with the implementation of these innovative SAP solutions.

Making SAP ERP solutions simple for all;

PTS Systems & Solutions was founded in 2013, at a time when SAP Business One and SAP HANA were both in their infancy. The Founder and CEO Mr. Sachin Dhane, recognised SAP products as a huge game-changer and chose to launch PTS Systems with the goal of assisting companies in realising the benefits of installing SAP solutions in a simple and effective manner.

Sachin founded PTS Systems & Solutions with the purpose of making SAP HANA and other SAP solutions more accessible to customers. He was looking for a distinct identity, something different from the typical technological firm.

Sachin saw ;

“The leap you have to go from being an entrepreneur and the leap it takes to gain consumers to the new world of Big Data and SAP just fell into that realm of PTS Systems & solutions,” 

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