5 Reasons Why Pharmaceutical Businesses Need SAP Business One

SAP Business One

Digital transformation is the need of the hour for almost all types of businesses and the one industry right now that could reap benefits from it would most definitely be the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Pharmaceutical companies have to meet multiple regulations and rules to put out their products, for this they require a reliable, consistent and robust software solution such as SAP Business One that can handle the dynamic demands of the industry.

Considering the times we’re in, the pharmaceutical sector has infinite opportunities to grow its business. They must re-evaluate and reconsider the business models they function on to make the most of the opportunities given to them.

Let’s discuss why a pharmaceutical business needs SAP Business One in the first place:

  1. Safeguard sensitive data
  2. Many of the big league pharma companies today rely on SAP Business One to secure the vast amounts of sensitive data they produce. Data such as intellectual property, patient history and other vital information needs to be handled expertly with the help of a secure and trustworthy system. Smaller pharma businesses can take advantage of SAP Business One as it is customisable and was formulated for small to medium size businesses.

  3. Perishable commodities need immediate inventory tracking
  4. Medicines and vaccines are highly perishable commodities and need constant monitoring between warehouses. With SAP Business One, get real-time visibility to track inventory movement and make reliable network plans for subsequent destinations.

  5. Cloud servers to the rescue
  6. Gone are the days to have multiple servers on-site. Businesses are moving towards cloud-based servers to help reduce costs and make them more efficient. Cloud-based ERP Systems have been known to take less time to instal and be ready to use than many traditional in-house systems. All you need is an active internet connection, workstations and a cloud server to help grow your business exponentially.

  7. Scalable as per your evolving needs
  8. With the cloud-based ERP Solution, businesses can scale up or scale down depending on their requirement with just a push of a button. It allows businesses the flexibility and convenience which is key to function in such a dynamic and demanding industry.

  9. Helps in marketing and sales processes
  10. SAP Business One helps pharmaceutical companies with their marketing and sales efforts too. Businesses can automate the process of handling contracts, sales orders, running promotional campaigns and so many other cumbersome processes with the simplicity of SAP Business One and gain better ROI.

    In summary, SAP Business One is the future that every Pharmaceutical business needs to get on now! It is secure, gives remote access, has pay-as-you-go models that fit any business needs, higher performance than other systems and is cost-effective. All you need now is to find a reputable SAP consultant in India, which is where PTS Systems and Solutions comes into play.  It is absolutely crucial to find a certified SAP consultant as it could make or break your business.

    At PTS Systems and Solutions, we have experts from various fields with about 15 to 25 years of experience, we also take pride in ourselves as we are one of the fastest-growing SAP partners in India and have helped businesses grow to newer heights. Let’s take your pharmaceutical business to that new height and help digitally transform your business with SAP Business One. Connect with us today on +91 9029 968 387 / +91 22 2087 0275 or send an email at info@ptssystems.co.in to get a tailored and the best business solution!

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