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An excellent way to systematically manage schools, colleges and institutions.


Exceptional education from wherever you are. SLCM creates a real time online collaboration platform.


Connect with your resources when it matters most. SLCM offers multi mode communication tools.


SLCM is designed to operate at a high level of security that could be customized to meet your needs.

Easy to use

Our User experience is designed from the ground up to engage students, teachers and parents. More engagement leads to more loyalty.

Unique academic backup

SLCM stays optimal for providing add on support for customization that lets data to be updated frequently, maintaining the historic data preserved.

Customizable reports and graphs

SLCM provides the freedom to generate graphs and manual reports from the data on the run.

Explore Core Modules


  • Create multiple schools
  • Multi level user access
  • Define school atributes
  • Manage top level hierarchy


  • Create and edit courses
  • Assign course structure
  • Define labs and electives
  • Manage archived courses


  • Assign students to the batch
  • Batch transfer management
  • Grouping and Ranking levels
  • Configure active and inactive batches


  • Admission management
  • Assign initial batch
  • Manage archived students details
  • Assign student login details


  • Create and edit batchwise timetable
  • Create and edit teacher's timetable
  • Create and edit institute timetable
  • Timesheet assignment


  • Add batchwise daily attendance
  • Add employee attendance
  • Manage attendance reports
  • Assign alerts to defaulters


  • Create custom online exams
  • Multiple choice and descriptive options
  • Result alerts to parents profile
  • Assign re-test if required

Explore Premium Modules


  • Add books
  • Issue books
  • Return register
  • Book transfer

Online Resources

  • Attendance alerts to parents
  • Results and exam notifications
  • Timetable assignment
  • Syllabus and ebooks facility


  • Add vehicles
  • Track routes
  • Alerting system
  • Onboarding alerts to parents


  • Employee payroll management
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Teacher's timetable
  • Exam activites